STL File Generation

STL File Generation

STL File Generation

Having trouble creating a good resolution STL file generation for print?
Don’t worry we are here to help. With 15 years of experience in this field there is no excuse for a badly faceted STL file, therefore you get the highest quality part.


We use Netfabb Studio to repair our STL files.

If you need to send a large STL then please zip it up using winrar or winzip.

Because with 3D Printing “What you see is what you get”, and if you see a rough file on the screen, then that’s exactly how it will come out in the printer.

One golden rule about exporting STL for e-mail is that you do it in BINARY format and NOT ACSII. The reason for this is that ascii format is like text and creates a much larger STL file.

Future website updates will cover all aspects of exporting STL files from various software CAD packages……so stay tuned for all those great tips.

Computer games is also an area where we can excell and bring you’re avatar or personalised character to life as a real 3D model sitting on you’re desk.

If you are interested in finding out how to create a good STL file from the excellent free cad package that is creo elements direct modelling express then just click on this link and there is a nice video taking you through the steps using a dice to illustrate it.

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