Formlabs 2nd hand machine – bad laser

We’ve had our second hand JollyElk #Form1 for about a year now and only just getting around to really troubleshooting it. We have had some parts from it with varying degrees of success. However through the trawling research of the forums for Formlabs on the laser and poor part quality it has been decided that it is not the mirrors, it’s not the resin, and it’s not the resin tank (cloudy with a chance of meatballs)

With the help of @joshk and @kevinholmes we are currently attempting to install a choke into the laser to try and reduce the flare. We really really really want nice parts with nice smooth sidewall quality so there is little sanding as possible. Actually this is the whole reason we bought the machine. Then again that’s Ebay for you. However by now Formlabs should be offering a plug in laser for sale on their webshop. Hopefully one day soon.



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