3d printing customised Bike Light

Hi there, it’s been a long time since I posted a post. Now I am back in business and I would like to show all you people the power of 3dprinting. I recently bought a bike lamp from ebay to correct and go brighter than my current Holland ones. These were quite crap and relied on AAA batteries that went out quickly. My ebay front and back lights were https://tinyurl.com/wtpga3r and powered by USB small.

These are photos of the design before I customised it with 3dprinting parts that I designed on Rhino3D.

As you can see the design is crap and the vibration from the bike made the front light roll around because of the front heavy design. Thus it was not pointing at the correct angle. i.e. it was pointing straight down to the road. I guess cars will still see it but not nearly as good as my new rock design which keeps it stable. Please see the following photos which demonstrates it.

As you can see the design is simple and all it takes is 4 nuts and bolts and a bit of patience.

This is a great idea for not throwing stuff out and it littering the carbon free, climate change world. Transition Stirling would like a solution like this. I do anyway. Saves from trying to rubber-banded or sellotaped it on but I chose a more elegant strong solution.

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