3d printed gun fact or fiction

3D Printed gun Fact or Fiction

The hype surrounding the 3d printed gun

Well it seems that all my hard work has gone to waste. No sooner had I designed and made my 3d printed
gun than i found myself with a police officer at the door with a search warrant. He took away all my Abs and
pla but left me with some hips! A great deal of use that is. Must get my hands on the blueprints.
Some time later the kind policeman gave me back my bots and i was soon 3d printing again….. Yipee. Honestly
though i would rather make and fire a spud gun instead, much more fun! Check out this link on the real story
of the man who went to jail. Dont blame the hype.

3d printed gun cool….not

Magicmodel 3d printed gun

Cody Wilson, the creator of the 3d printed gun said this about his creation and invention¬†“You’re asking me how I would feel? If somebody shot a kid with a Liberator? I guess I’d feel bad. It would be bad. It’d become this whole event. I’m sure I’d have this sinking feeling, ‘Oh my God, they’re going to make a big circus out of it.'”

Trouble is, the stl files for the gun are already out there in the big bad world wide web so the authorities who had its downloads taken of thingiverse, shapeways and pirate bay were really too late. Never the less, the UK poice force has claimed to the bbc that these plastic guns are much more dangerous for the actual user because they are exploding due to the badly made.

There will most likely be many people put off making the 3d printed gun because it looks so terrible. There seems to have been very little thought gone into the actual aesthetic design. Who says looks are everything!

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