Bits and peices

This model was reverse engineer component from a carburettor of a two stroke gear box. Instead of the user paying over the odds for an off the shelf assembly we made him made the single component. #3dprintedpart #automotiveengineering 

Affordable engineering materials

Magicmodel is now in a strategic position to offer affordable engineering materials. We have recently expanded our material range to include Polymaker PC-MAX, FormFutura CarbonFil and Taulman Nylon. These new engineering materials have outstanding properties that far outweigh traditional ABS and PLA. POLYCARBONATE   Polycarbonate has been widely used in industrial 3dprinting for some time now, […]

Will 3DHubs be the new Ebay of 3DPrinting?

Recently we have been considering outsourcing some of our work to the all new and ever expanding @3DHubs community, with mixed results. The prices listed for each hub vary greatly so in order to minimise the collateral damage we decided to opt for the less expensive hubs just as an experiment on some jobs that […]

Using PritStick for good FDM bed adhesion

This technique and idea has been around for a long time now. As far as I remember it was first introduced when the Cube by 3DSystems first came out and then borrowed by Ultimaker for there version 2. Essentially it involves pasting the PVA or Prittstick glue onto the cold bed, heating the bed up […]


Formlabs 2nd hand machine – bad laser

We’ve had our second hand JollyElk #Form1 for about a year now and only just getting around to really troubleshooting it. We have had some parts from it with varying degrees of success. However through the trawling research of the forums for Formlabs on the laser and poor part quality it has been decided that it is not the mirrors, it’s not the resin, and it’s not the resin tank (cloudy with a chance of meatballs)

With the help of @joshk and @kevinholmes we are currently attempting to install a choke into the laser to try and reduce the flare. We really really really want nice parts with nice smooth sidewall quality so there is little sanding as possible. Actually this is the whole reason we bought the machine. Then again that’s Ebay for you. However by now Formlabs should be offering a plug in laser for sale on their webshop. Hopefully one day soon.



Dual / Twin / Double Extruder FDM

Until recently I was a little sceptical about dual extruding. Why would anyone want to have two extruders on their 3dprinter or prototyping machine? Well, there is one great reason and that is for support structure which is soluble. Stratasys FDM machines come with dual extruders and they use a soluble support material which dissolves […]

3d printed gun fact or fiction

3D Printed gun Fact or Fiction The hype surrounding the 3d printed gun Well it seems that all my hard work has gone to waste. No sooner had I designed and made my 3d printed gun than i found myself with a police officer at the door with a search warrant. He took away all […]

Stereolithography with Form1

Recently we here at Magicmodel got our hands on the SLA printer that is the Form1. Initial impressions are good and it will allow us to produce rapid prototypes at a much higher resolution than before. Keep posted for more news on this ground breaking technology. WE GOT ONE OF THESE         […]


Cosplay 3DPrint and Pipboy 3000 Rock on

Lately we have been getting a few Cosplay 3dprint enquiries in for props and armour for character costumes. This is quite a new area for us but we feel that we can offer a really excellent service at a great price.

For example a full set of Cosplay 3dprint parts of the Pipboy3000 is a project we took on recently and managed to get the price down as low as £50. This is a nice clean print with all the build structure taken off. Our customer was most pleased with the result too.

As far as modelmaking for your own Cosplay 3dprint and prototype costume it seems like a fantastic way to get shapes that would otherwise be hard to make by traditional methods. The added benefit of Cosplay 3dprint is that you get your parts to play with right away. Cosplay 3dprints can be sanded, painted, and weathered all very easily which can make you and your costume stand out from the crowd.