Affordable engineering materials

Magicmodel is now in a strategic position to offer affordable engineering materials.

We have recently expanded our material range to include Polymaker PC-MAX, FormFutura CarbonFil and Taulman Nylon.

These new engineering materials have outstanding properties that far outweigh traditional ABS and PLA.


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A demonstration of our affordable engineering material using a bicycle helmet and a rubber mallet


Polycarbonate has been widely used in industrial 3dprinting for some time now, however it has been reserved for big blue chip aerospace companies because they are the only ones who can afford to take on such an expensive overhead. Machines cost £200K plus, proprietary material costs as much as a weekly shop for just one roll of filament and the maintenance costs would require you to re-mortgage your 3 bedroom semi! So now is the time for all you thrifty engineers you to unleash your creative juices with this now affordable engineering material.



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