We are a small team of industrial designers, engineers and artists collaborating to provide you with the best quality 3dprinted parts.

“Printing and selling small batch hardware is going to be the future.” Quote by John Biggs

Looking for multiples of the same part but don’t want to spend ££££ on an hard cnc tool or silicon tool. 3DPrinting at Magicmodel is an excellent solution to small batch runs of 100 and less and personal manufacturing.

3DPrinting has a great hype surrounding it at the moment and quality can vary from tech to tech.

From our experience the big companies boast very high resolutions which increases peoples’ expectations of the final product.

We believe that one needs to lower one’s expectations so that when the part is received these expectations are met. That means the part is not going to be as smooth as an injection molded part and it will also be not precision engineered to the high tolerances achievable from CNC machining.