Magicmodel does 3D Scanning for FREE

This wishing well was the perfect subject for the Magicmodel 1st ever 2D photos to 3D Model test. We’re sure pleased how it came out and are now looking for more things to scan. So please lock away all your pets, cats, dogs, budgies cause we have a new tool and it’s called a camera!!

Most people when they hear about 3d scanning they imagine high end lasers and expensive wand technology. However we managed to make this 3d model using just an old #nikon camera and some free software.

Google earth 3d maps and buildings here we come.

#engineeringuk #free3dscanning #xboxkinect

3d Scanning using a Nikon camera

Just a quick snippet showing how you can use 3d scanning with a normal camera to obtain a cad model for 3dprinting.

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